I thought you were an interesting medley
Of a quintillion sentiments,
Or may be a perfect blend
Of sweet and bitter ingredients.

I was taught at school :
If there is sun-rise so is there sun-set
And so are there joys and sorrows
That form a complement set.

I thought there were winters as well as summers
From January till December.
I wonder why the winters
Stay throughout my twelve-month calendar.

You were meant to fill my heart
With sentiments all 'alloyed',
What was my fault I wonder
That you chose to leave it 'void'.

I thought you would take me
On a voyage with a number of passengers,
I wonder why you chose to leave me
Alone, amidst all adventures.

You are the only song
With different lyrics for each one of us.
And, the only novel in this world
With a unique story for all of us!

You are long...You are short...
You are inexplicable!
You are loud...You are quiet...
You are Life - completely unpredictable!